Welcome to I-Enroll small medical and dental practices.

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I-Enroll is the first choice of small medical and dental practices for
paperless credentialing and document management.

The Same Benefits of Paperless Credentialing for Large Providers

Minus the cost and learning curve!

Speeds up Payer Credentialing

No more paperwork! Easy, web-based credentialing prompts user through the entire process and even auto-populates data for you!

Stores all the latest Payer Applications and Provider Data in One Place

Never hunt for an important document again. Now all of your applications, contracts, fee schedules and more are stored in one easily searchable, intelligent, online location.

Tracks Status & Sends Automatic Notifications

Never miss an important deadline again for credentialing applications, license and malpractice renewal dates, contract renewal dates and other critical expiration.

Gives Easy Access to All Your Important Documents

No more searching for where you stashed the latest contract for a certain payer…or your license…or the most current set of credentialing forms. It's all in one secure location.

Eliminates Redundant Data Processing

Input data in one application and it auto-populates across all others!

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