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Tap into a Modern Payer & Provider Network
I-Enroll is a refreshingly simple way to get credentialed and paid fast, but it's so much more. When you sign up for I-Enroll, you become part of a growing network of providers and payers who are eliminating the cumbersome red tape that hinders both professions. At no extra costwhatsoever, as an I-Enroll member you can tap into these benefits:

All participating payers will get your updates automatically.
This will radically reduce time spent updating payers with your practice's latest information. Connected to the I-Enroll network, your data will always show as current—no more pesky requests for provider directory updates!

Payers will communicate their credentialing and recrediting requests to you online.
Never get dropped from a network without your knowledge!

Payers will recruit you online.
When payers expand networks in your area, you'll receive notification of their interest in recruiting you. No more back and forth phone calls, and lengthy applications to fill out.

And there are many more features to come..!


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