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Fast enrollment, fast reimbursement Paper

Paper-based and even outsourced enrollment often takes months. Payers can take weeks or longer to notify of problems—and by then, your practice may have sent out claims. With I-Enroll, providers can practically eliminate the risk of denied claims, and grow their revenue and practices.

Covers all major payers

Unlike CAQH's “free” service, I-Enroll generates and prepares application packets according to individual payer requirements.

Keeps small practices on top of their credentials

I-Enroll automatically notifies of upcoming expirables, application status and more, so that you never miss a deadline again.

You control the information

I-Enroll is the small practice's simple to use, but intelligent “online file cabinet” that houses and protects all your important documents—your own plus I-Enroll's fully stocked library of payer applications.

Paperless credentialing and document management

Not one or the other, but both in a single, simple to use online solution—for a low monthly fee that covers unlimited staff members, locations and forms.

Tapped into the I-Enroll Network

As an I-Enroll member, you are part of something big: a modern payer & provider network. Now you have optional access to features such as automatic provider directory updates, re-credentialing and more.

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