Santech is committed to continuously improving the Provider credentialing and re-credentialing application process for the industry.

Payer Connect, the latest innovation from Santech is a patent pending solution that seamlessly connects Payers and Providers so that credentialing and re-credentialing applications can be prepared and submitted in just a few clicks!

Payor Connect. A vision of our customers, many large Payors, Networks and Group Practices is now a reality.

Payors now leverage our Interconnectivity platform to allow providers to electronically submit cred and re-cred applications electronically -- right from your I-Enroll account. Providers no longer need to struggle with finding the correct payor form, dealing with paper or getting dropped from a plan because they applied to late!

For practices and providers this means:

  • No need to figure out if the right forms are being submitted

  • Payors’ credentialing applications are automatically populated

  • Ensuring their applications are complete

  • Providers can electronically sign their applications

  • Prevent sending incomplete applications

  • No paper, no phone calls and no stress – preparing and submitting a payor application can now take minutes instead of days or hours

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